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Night Sky Necklace-Large

Night Sky Necklace-Large

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Large pendant with a variety of gems and colors depicting a night sky. The largest stone on this medallion is a rough, natural and uncut rare pink tanzanite with a carat weight of 3.37 is set with an 18k gold 'planetary' ring. The curtain at the top of the pendant forms a bail, is 18k gold, and is studded with sixteen white sapphires, 1.05 carats. The green stone is a rough peridot 0.30 carats and serves as a rocky planet in the distance. 8 natural diamonds scattered through it give the background some skylight twinkle, 0.065 carats(G VS2.) The planet at bottom right is a platinum dome, as well as two of the beads mounted to the front. Rose gold is also accented throughout the piece. The legs of the piece are 18kgold. Total measurement top to bottom is 2.5 inches, and its weighs a total of 23.0 grams.
18k gold/Sterling silver
Rose gold and platinum accents
Large size, solid
One off

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